About us




Ul. Andrije Kačića Miošića 22

10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Lat & Long: 45.809407, 15.963881



Dražen Vulama

Mob: +385 99 3520 742

Whatsapp or Viber

e-mail: apartments@zagreb3hearts.com



The Vulama family owns the apartments.


We are all born and raised in Zagreb.

We enjoy traveling, skiing, mountaineering, watching and playing different types of sports (especially kids).



Who is going to welcome you at the Apartment?

The first person you are most likely to meet is Dražen.

He is head of our family (at least he thinks so)… he loves to meet and help people.

Just let him know whatever you need and he will be more than happy to help you in any situation.

He always wears a smile and enjoys a good laugh, so please challenge him with your jokes.


The second person you might meet is Dražen’s wife, Sanja.

Most of the time she is occupied with her job, taking care of the house (family) and her hobbies but if Dražen is occupied, she will welcome you as a decent replacement of Dražen. Since her hobbies are meditation, home decoration, healthy living and food habits as well as different types of self-care, you can freely ask her for any kind of advice or opinion in any of these topics.


Last but not least, you might meet Jan and/or Dominik.

They are 16 and 14 years old respectively, and both of them like all kinds of sports (skiing, soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, skate, and mobile phone games…).

They will welcome you as well as their parents would.


The entire family speaks fluent English.